• The Humm-Bug™ Hummingbird Protein Feeder

    No need to buy food! Using only bananas & peels, the Humm-Bug is completely safe and all natural! In just a few days, you will have an unlimited supply of protein-packed fruit flies your hummingbirds to enjoy!

  • Red Nectar DOTS Handheld Feeders 4 Pack

    4-Pack of Red Nectar DOTS and 4-easy to follow instructional cards.  Nectar DOTS are made of a high quality plastic that will last for years.  The bright colored cap and flower helps attract the hummingbirds.  Every DOT has red!  MADE IN THE USA.

  • Perky-Pet Hummingbird Feeder Ant Guard

    Manufacturer: Woodstream Corporation

    This ant guard effectively repels ants from nectar feeders. Easily mount in-line with all hanging feeders (both Oriole & Hummingbird.) Attaches to the feeder with hooks both above and below. Should last one entire season. Uses permethrin-proven safe around birds, pets, and people.

    Made in the USA.

  • Stokes Select Hollyhock Hummingbird Feeder

    UPC: 617313381049

    Leak-resistant design. 27oz Nectar capacity.

  • Stokes Select Impatiens Hummingbird Feeder

    UPC: 617313382350

    8oz Nectar capacity. 4 Feeding flowers. Glass and polypropylene material.

  • Classic Brands Jewel Glass Hummingbird Feeder

    Antique Style Feeder With Stunning 8-Sided Glass Bottle.
    5 Integrated Metal Flower Ports.
    Wide Mouth Design and Beautiful Glass Bottle For Easy Fill and Easy Clean.
    Base Disassembles For Cleaning To Reduce Or Eliminate Spillage.

  • Perky-Pet® 2-ft Hummerbar® Hummingbird Feeder

    Manufacturer: Woodstream Corporation Model: HUMBAR200DTC

    Perky-Pet®'s horizontal-hanging 2 Foot Hummerbar® Hummingbird Feeding Tube offers a revolutionary way to feed more hummingbirds at one time.

    This Hummerbar®, which is filled with nectar, is a 2-foot plastic tube that offers 22 feeding ports and, when compared to other hummingbird feeders, is remarkably easy to clean. This patented feeder hangs horizontally while still delivering plenty of nectar for your hungry hummingbirds. The feeder ports are made out of plastic molded in red, a color proven to attract hummers. Each port is also spaced just right to allow hummingbirds to feed side-by-side!

    The feeder is built of a shatterproof clear plastic feeding tube, which allows you to easily monitor nectar levels.

    With Perky-Pet®'s Hummerbar®, you get the ultimate hummingbird feeder!

  • Aspects Nectar Guard Tip Replacements

    Manufacturer: Duncraft Bird Feeders

    Encourage hummingbirds to visit more often with insect-free feeders! Slide these tiny, clear plastic nectar guards over the backside of each feeding port on any HummBlossom or HummZinger feeder. Watch bees and wasps become a distant memory at your nectar feeders and enjoy watching hummingbirds’ slender bills slip easily through the crosshatched opening to feed! Pair with an ant moat for incomparable insect-proof protection! 1/4 inch diameter.

  • More Birds Joy Hummingbird Feeder

    SKU: 10211874 UPC: 815562000000 Model: 31
    Wide mouth design offers Easy Fill to reduce or eliminate spillage. Easy to disassemble for cleaning. Perches are integrated into flower petal basin top. Holds 28oz of liquid.
  • More Birds Bliss Hummingbird Feeder

    SKU: 10211875 UPC: 815562000000 Model: 32
    Wide mouth design offers Easy Fill to reduce or eliminate spillage. Easy to disassemble for cleaning. Perches are integrated into flower petal basin top. Holds 13oz of liquid.