• Heritage Farms Mini Seeds 'N More Bird Feeder

    Manufacturer: Heritage Farms Model: 7454

    Double-sided hopper type feeder to attract a wide array of birds by offering multiple treats at one station. Holds up to 5.5 lbs of mixed seed plus 2 suet cakes. Stop birds from shoveling food out with the no-waste seed saver baffle. Durable, chew-resistant green powder coated steel body with a zinc-plated hanger. Squirrel resistant lid allows easy filling and cleaning. Clear panels allow monitoring seed-levels. Suet baskets feature a snap-on latch for easy filling.

  • Audubon Peanut and Black Oil Seed Screen Feeder

    Manufacturer: Woodstream Corp Model: NATUBE4

    Durable, stainless steel screened tube with green metal top, base and hanger. Fill with peanut/black oil seed.

  • Songbird Essentials Butterfly Feeder

    Model: SE78200

    Butterfly Feeder. Designed and tested by biologists. Easy to assemble, fill and clean. 6 ounce capacity.

  • Woodlink Bird Feeder Tray

    UPC: 047977010212

    Made from natural plant fiber. Durable powder coated metal screen bottom provides drainage, keeping seed fresher and birds healthier. Ready to hang, easy to use. Hanging chain and hooks included. Platform feeders attract the most birds.

  • Recycled Plastic Large Hopper Feeder

    UPC: 601635601077 Manufacturer: Songbird Essentials

    Recycled Plastic Large Hopper Feeder. Loving nature the green way. Eco-friendly recycled plastic. 10 x 9 x 10.5