• Droll Yankees The Winner Multi-Purpose Window Feeder

    Manufacturer: Droll Yankees

    The Drolly Yankees multi-purpose window feeder is ideal for sparking children’s curiosity and helping them learn about their backyard birds. It features 3 strong suction cups which allow you to attach the W-1 right to your window. Open sides and clear, UV-stabilized plastic construction provides an unobstructed view. Attract a wide variety of birds by offering different types of food year-round: our multi-purpose, deep dish feeder holds 1/2 pound of seed, fruit, suet, or mealworms.

  • Buffet Window Feeder

    SKU: 06696765 Manufacturer: Aspects

    Has the capacity to hold 1/2 quart of seed. Two feeding trays allow for two types of seed to be used in this feeder, giving you the opportunity to attract many different kinds of birds to feed at your window. Both trays are easy to remove and clean.