• Audubon Park Critter Crunch 5lb

    Manufacturer: Global Harvest Foods LTD.

    An irresistible blend of seeds and nuts specially designed to attract squirrels and other wildlife. Birding enthusiasts may want to feed the squirrels in a spot removed from their bird feeders to avoid competition at the feeders.

  • Ear Corn

    Ear Corn availability -  10 Ears or 50 lbs.!

  • Nut N Sweetcorn Squirrelog Refill

    SKU: 06617648 UPC: 000000000000
    ur Nut'N Sweet Corn Squirrelogs are 100 percent consumable, more economical, easier to use and remain on the feeders resulting in more enjoyment! Refill pack for Squirrel Hangers and feeders with nails/spikes. Squirrelogs already have a nail/screw hole for easy refills.