• Woodpecker High Energy Suet and Seed Cake Blend 11oz.

    UPC: 748884060115

    Provides a great source of energy for your backyard friends, and is great to feed year round. Made of rendered beef suet, cracked corn, white millet, peanut pieces, and black oil sunflower seed.

  • Wild Delight Sizzle N’ Heat™ Suet

    Manufacturer: D & D Commodities, Inc.

    A premium hot suet designed for BIRDS ONLY.

    Industry studies show that squirrels frustrate both wild birds and wild bird enthusiasts by eating suet intended for the birds. By offering Sizzle N’ Heat™ Suet you can deter the neighborhood squirrels from taking over your backyard feeder.

  • Suet Plus Woodpecker Blend Suet Cake 11 Oz

    SKU: 06653683 UPC: 607899000000
    Candy bar wrapper suet cake for Easy-Open, No-Mess Handling. High quality, melt-resistant ingredients.
  • Pine Tree Farms Woodpecker Seed Log 40oz

    SKU: 06642805 UPC: 749000000000 Model: 25241
    Pine Tree Farms Woodpecker Classic Seed Log 40oz. Attract woodpeckers to your backyard. An edible mix of seed and fruits, tree nuts, sunflower hearts, pecans, dried fruit and gelatin. Each seed log consists of the finest seeds and nuts to attract a variety of wild birds. Nutsie cakes have no hulls so there is no waste or mess.