• Pine Tree Farms Nutsie Seed Bell 18oz

    SKU: 06639114 UPC: 748884000000 Model: 7002
    Nutsie No Waste Seed Bell is an 18oz bell of edible seeds and fruits, tree nuts sunflower hearts, pecans, dried fruit and gelatin. Each bell consists of the finest seeds and nuts to attract a variety of wild birds and it comes with its own hanger. The Nutsie Seed Bell seed has no hulls so that there is no mess. Virtually 100% edible with no waste. Keeps feeding areas clean and does not attract unwanted pests to your feeding station. A premium seed bar for the wild bird enthusiast.
  • Mixed Seed Bell 16 Oz

    SKU: 06667067 UPC: 748884013203 Model: 1320
    Black oil striped sunflower seeds, sunflower seeds, white millet, cracked corn, red millet, ready to hang net.