• Easy Gardener┬« 100% Natural Burlap

    Possibly the most versatile home and garden product ever, 100% Natural Burlap has hundreds of uses both indoors and out. In your garden, Burlap helps seeds to germinate by holding in moisture and preventing wash-away, protects plants from windburn, freezing rain, snow and ice, and can serve as a shade cloth, wind screen or camouflage. In your home, its uses are limited only by your imagination. Burlap’s rich texture makes it ideal for decorating.

  • Dewitt® Tree Stakes Kit

    Manufacturer: DeWitt Products Model: RS15

    This kit includes everything needed to support one newly transplanted tree, or any tree that needs protective support from winds and storms. Use with any ball and burlaped (B&B) container or bare-root tree.

  • Mini Marble Chips 3/8 In 1/2 Cu.ft.

    SKU: 10237800 UPC: 027324540555 Model: 26640
    When placed around trees, shrubs and plantings, Landscape Stone deters weeds and provides a rock-solid base, so you can mow right up to the edge of the bed. It also protects tree trunks and plants from damage by trimmer and mower.
  • Agway Landscape Fabric 3ft X 100ft

    SKU: 10209500 UPC: 756637251918 Model: 55289
    Economical landscape fabric. Packaged with special Agway labeling. 3ft x 100ft roll. Quality spunbonded polypropylene construction. Easy to use. Stops weeds. Use around vegetables, flower beds, shrubbery and trees for a chemical-free weed control. Guaranteed to last 5 years.
  • Metal Ground Staples 4in

    SKU: 10237378 UPC: 019263259308 Model: 22782
    These 4 in. Metal Ground Staples are used for holding Weed Gard, Seed Gard, or any other type of protective material down.