• UnionTools® Half Moon Edger

    Manufacturer: Union Tools Model: 61102

    Whether you're a professional landscaper or you just want your yard to look professionally manicured, the Union Tools half moon edger is a must-have tool! It's designed to cut back grass or sod that grows over the edges of flower beds and sidewalks. It's built for strength and durability and can even be used in hard, rocky soil.

  • Bird-X Irri-Tape

    Holographic bird tape flashes blinding light & makes noise when it flaps in the wind. Irri-Tape® is a multi-sensory attack scares birds away from the treated area. Also known as Flash Tape, Foil Tape, Bird Tape, Repeller Ribbon, Mirror Tape, Reflective Tape, Mylar Tape, Holographic Tape, & many others, this product has been used for years.

    Sunlight reflects off the material, disorienting & irritating pest birds
    Sharp, metallic clacking sounds are made when tape flaps in the wind
    Easy to install, very simple & effective solution
    Bird tape is often used in farms, vineyards & other agricultural applications.