• Roundup Weed And Grass Killer Rtu 30oz

    SKU: 10200408 UPC: 000000000000
    Ideal for spot applications - foaming technology lets you see where you spray. Patented FastAct technology delivers speed no competitive imitator product can beat, with visible results in hours. Apply in and around patios, gardens, sidewalks, driveways, and along fence lines.
  • Roundup Poison Ivy 24oz

    SKU: 10200403 UPC: 000000000000
    Kills all types of tough weeds: poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, blackberries, kudzu, and other tough-to-control brush. Rainproof protection in 30 minutes. Use on wooded lots and other areas where brush invades your yard. Can be used to kill stumps and prevent regrowth.
  • Ground Clear 1 Qt

    SKU: 10235535 UPC: 000000000000
    Kills weeds and grasses and prevents regrowth for up to one year. This two-way action eliminates unwanted vegetation out of driveways, walks, patios and fence rows. It's easy to apply with a sprinkling can. One quart treats up to 75 sq. ft.
  • Chickweed Clover Killer Pt

    SKU: 10204576 UPC: 000000000000
    Contains Horsepower (Triclopyr plus MCPA plus Dicamba); Extremely effective! This new product works 1-1/2 times faster than the competition and covers up to 5,000 sq. ft. Not for sale in FL, and RI.
  • Bonide Stump-out Stump And Vine Killer 8oz

    SKU: 10209385 UPC: 000000000000
    Triclopyr 8.8%. Kills vines, stumps and brush. Formulated forcomplete and permanent control. Prevents resprouting of stumps. Kills Kudzu Vines! Comes with convenient applicator cap.