• Azomite Granulated Natural Trace Minerals 44 lb

    Azomite Granulated Natural Trace Minerals contain over 70 different trace minerals that are both essential and beneficial to all types of plants. Since these trace minerals are often deficient in soil and commonly neglected in fertilizers, Azomite provides a big boost in fruit and vegetable yield, flowering and overall health of plants. Azomite is certified for organic use on your lawn, garden, trees or field crops, and spreadable either by hand or with a broadcast spreader.

  • Garden Pro Miracle Gro Bloom Booster Plant Food 1 Lb

    SKU: 10211950 UPC: 073561360012 Model: 22760
    Great plant food for blooming annuals and perennials. Feeds through the roots and leaves. Guaranteed not to burn plants.