• Big&J BB2 The Cubeā„¢ Deer Attraction Supplement Block

    The CUBE, essentially a compressed form of BB2, offers more protein and less salt than any other consumption block. It's designed to last longer in the field and is perfectly suited for: Hard-to-reach spots – if your stand is too remote to replenish with BB2 regularly, the CUBE is the perfect answer.

  • Molasses Attractant 1gal

    SKU: 10200307 UPC: 786541213955 Model: 22890
    A high quality feed grade molasses that can be used as a handy feed topper for cattle, horses, and swine. They love the taste and it will ensure consumption of feed or medication. It's nature's candy--forever used to attract, supplement and entice wildlife. Use it to attract bear, deer, hogs,  moose, and hundreds of other critters.