• Furzz Bear 20"

    Manufacturer: SpotĀ® Ethical Products

    Furzz from Spot will drive dogs wild with their realistic fur and stuffing-free body that they’ll love to flip-flop around! Squeaker in the head adds to the excitement as your dog shakes his prey like he caught it himself!

  • Regular Nylabone

    SKU: 06660001 UPC: 000000000000
    Unique therapeutic devices that satisfy a dog's natural chewing instinct. Safer than abrasive bones, rawhide products and plastic or rubber toys. Ham-flavored Nylabones served as an aid in teeth and jaw development in puppies and provides optimum effectiveness for clean teeth and healthy gums in adult dogs. These products are endorsed by leading dog authorities. Providing safe, healthy constructive chewing without harmful side effects.
  • Nylabone Dura Chew Bone Plus Chicken Flavor Regular

    SKU: 06635715 UPC: 000000000000 Model: 26619
    This bone is made in the USA from tough durable nylon. It has multiple textures for increased tactile and chewing appeal. The ridge and nub designs provide dental stimulation and chewing satisfaction. Chicken flavored chew for powerful chewers.
  • Nylabone Dura Chew Bone Plus Bacon Flavor Souper

    SKU: 06635721 UPC: 000000000000 Model: 26619
    Nylon and Polyurethane Combination with unique shape and texture. Multi textured design satisfies a dogs natural urge to chew by delivering tactile interest and appeal. Bacon flavored chew for powerful chewers.
  • Nylabone Bacon Bone Regular

    SKU: 06602632 UPC: 000000000000
    Long-lasting chew recommended for dogs with a powerful chewing style. Dogs need to exercise their teeth, gums, and jaws, but not on the furniture. This chew will help them to get the exercise they need, while helping clean the teeth at the same time. This is not a consumable chew toy. However, small pieces no larger than a grain of rice should pass through without difficulty. Supervise dog while it chews on this toy so that the dog does so in a safe manner. Size regular.