• Fiskars POWER TOOTH® Softgrip® D-handle Saw (15")

    Make quick, clean cuts — or undercuts — through thick branches with a saw that provides a comfortable, secure grip. Our POWER TOOTH® Softgrip® D-handle Saw is a great choice for taking down thick tree limbs too large for a lopper. A POWER TOOTH ® blade with triple-ground, razor-sharp teeth makes aggressive cuts to help you get through dense wood with speed and efficiency, and the fully hardened steel blade stays sharp longer than others. You can even flip the saw for easy, controlled undercuts. The D-handle design with Softgrip® touchpoints provides a secure, comfortable grip no matter which way you hold the saw.

  • Weasel Garden Claw®

    Weasel Garden Claw works hand-in-hand with Garden Weasel to maintain your garden beds all season long. Garden Claw is especially useful early in the gardening season to turn the first soil of the year. Just place Garden Claw in any soil, even if it hasn’t been cultivated since the Fall, and turn the handle to easily cultivate packed soil. Garden Claw is versatile, medium-duty, and it’s great for many soils. The comfort-grip handles feel good in the hand, and the spiral turn action offers 4 actions in 1: cultivating, loosening, aerating and weeding.


    Weasel Nut Gatherer is an easy to use rolling pick up tool for nuts and more. Picks up pecans, acorns, walnuts, butternuts, hickory nuts, chestnuts, filberts, seeds, and more. Easy to roll. No bending over. Saves time. Also picks up fruit and small balls. Some users report using the Weasel Nut Gatherer to pick up: small pine cones, seed heads, shotgun shells, reusable paintballs, and a variety of other debris.

  • Fiskars Big Grip Garden Knife

    Take on a wide variety of garden tasks with a tool that's as durable as it is comfortable. The Big Grip Garden Knife features a special multifunctional, plated steel head that includes a sharpened blade edge for slicing up sod or splitting seedlings, a serrated blade edge for breaking thicker growth and a forked tip for removing roots. The durable, rust-resistant head won’t snap off, while an extra-large handle with Softgrip® offers excellent comfort and control. A handle hang hole also simplifies storage.

  • Miracle-Gro® Quick Start® Planting Tablets

    Get your plants off a strong start with Miracle-Gro® Quick Start® Planting Tablets, that are guaranteed to help provide the proper amount of nutrition to your starter plants and transplants for the first 30 days.

  • Espoma Organic Cottonseed Meal

    ALL NATURAL FERTILIZER. Espoma Cottonseed Meal is a by-product from food-grade cottonseed oil production. It is an all-natural organic plant food generally used for feeding shrubs.

  • Espoma Organic Chicken Manure

    ALL NATURAL FERTILIZER. Dehydrated & Granulated fertilizer for Flowers, Vegetables, Trees & Shrubs. All natural Poultry Manure. Dehydrated and granulated for easy application. Approved for organic gardening.

  • Espoma Garden Food 10-10-10

    FEEDS PLANTS QUICKLY. Espoma Garden Food 10-10-10 is an agricultural grade fertilizer. When used with care, it is an excellent general-purpose plant food.

  • Neptune's Harvest Organic Fish and Seaweed Fertilizer Blend

    Neptune's Harvest Organic Fish/Seaweed Blend Fertilizer gives you the perfect blend of hydrolyzed fish and seaweed, ensuring a complete fertilization program. Neptune's Harvest Fish/Seaweed Fertilizer is OMRI Listed for organic use.

  • Jobsite Boot Scrubber

    All-in-one scrubber & scraper quickly cleans boots & shoes. Ideal for use near entryways – home, farm, or job site. High-density, long-lasting molded plastic construction will not rot or crack like similar wooden models. Heavy-gauge steel frame. Built-in sole and edge scraper cleans hard-to-reach areas where debris can hide. Strong bristles easily remove wet or dry debris. Includes screws and brackets for easy bolt down.

  • EZNectar® Ready-to-use Hummingbird Feeder

    EZNectar® Happy Hummers!® Fast-Feeder® Prefilled, "Juice Box", Recyclable, Ready-to-use Hummingbird Feeder. "Never clean a dirty feeder again!" 11 fl. oz.

  • Feathered Friend Gourmet Wild Bird Food Mix

    Feathered Friend Gourmet is a premium blend to attract songbirds year-round. Bird Enthusiast will enjoy feeding this filler-free blend. For use in hopper, tube or window feeders. Available in 16 lb polywoven, and 5 lb poly bags.

  • Deluxe Gazebo Feeder with Pole

    Easy, push button adjustment. Adjusts to 5, 6 or 7 feet tall.

  • Pondtabbs®

    PONDTABBS® water soluble tablets combine controlled nitrogen release with rapid nutrient availability in a form which provides optimum feeding for all of your aquatic plants. When used as directed this product will not effect algae growth or have any negative effect on fish. It is recommended that you feed your plants monthly during the growing season at a rate of one tablet per gallon of soil. When the water temperature rises above 72 degrees feeding should be increased to every two weeks. Insert the PONDTABBS® with your finger deep into the soil three inches from the crown of the plant. When using multiple tablets, space the uniformly around the plant. Nutrients will release within five minutes.

  • Foam/Poly Replacement Pad for Pondmaster

    Manufacturer: Danner Manufacturing Model: 12195

    A Foam and Coarse Combo Pack.

  • Replacement Media Carbon/Poly for Pondmaster 1000 or 2000

    Manufacturer: Danner Manufacturing Model: 12202

    Replacement Media is 12" x 12" in size.

  • Laguna Stainless Steel Hose Clamps 40 mm - 64 mm

    Laguna Stainless Steel Hose Clamps are specifically designed for non-kink hosing to provide maximum torque and sealing efficiency for tight and secure connections to pond equipment. The clamps have a smooth inner surface that will not damage the hosing. Designed to withstand the elements, the stainless steel clamps will not rust. They can be loosened or tightened easily using a screwdriver. Size: 40 mm - 64 mm (1 3/16" - 2 ½ "). 2 Hose Clamps per pack.

  • Foam Pre-Filter for 950, 1200 and 1800 Pumps

    Manufacturer: Danner Manufacturing Model: 12730

    Replacement part for 950, 1200 and 1800 pumps.

  • SallyeAnder Hogwash Soap

    If you need it clean – just say ‘Hogwash!’ BIG chunky bars last and last! Try it on your toughest clothes stains. An excellent hand scrub- gardeners, mechanics, and kids- because of the high glycerin content you can wash several times a day without drying skin, and it really works to get dirty hands clean! Hogwash! is an astonishing stain remover for laundry, carpet, upholstery, car interiors, quilts- you name it! Will remove: grass stains, tomato sauce, mustard, grape juice, bubble gum, blood, tar, ink, mildew, pitch.

  • Espoma Organic Seed Starter Mix 16qt

    -All natural seed starting mix
    -For all seedlings and cuttings.
    -Promotes Root Growth
    -Improves moisture retention

  • Espoma Organic Potting Soil Mix 2 Cu. Ft.

    -For all indoor & outdoor containers
    -Rich blend of sphagnum peat moss, humus & perlite
    -Enhanced with Myco-tone®
    -Fortified with earthworm Castings, alfalfa meal, kelp meal & shrimp meal

  • Espoma Organic Potting Soil Mix 1 Cu. Ft.

    -For all indoor & outdoor containers
    -Rich blend of sphagnum peat moss, humus & perlite
    -Enhanced with Myco-tone®
    -Fortified with earthworm Castings, alfalfa meal, kelp meal & shrimp meal

  • Espoma Organic Potting Soil Mix 8qt

    -For all indoor & outdoor containers
    -Rich blend of sphagnum peat moss, humus & perlite
    -Enhanced with Myco-tone®
    -Fortified with earthworm Castings, alfalfa meal, kelp meal & shrimp meal

  • FoxFarm® Happy Frog® Potting Soil 2 Cu. Ft.

    Your potted plants deserve the best. Their roots can’t seek out nutrition in the ground, so you have to bring it to them. That’s why Happy Frog® Potting Soil is amended with soil microbes that can help improve root efficiency and encourage nutrient uptake. Between the earthworm castings, bat guano, and aged forest products, your container plants have never felt so good