• Songbird Essentials Gord-O Birdhouse Ladybug

    Songbird Essentials adds color & whimsy to any garden with our beautifully detailed wooden birdhouses that come ready to hang under the canopy of your trees. Hand-carved from albesia wood, a renewable resource, each birdhouse is hand painted with non-toxic paints and coated with polyurethane to protect them from the elements. By using all natural and nontoxic components Songbird Essentials has created a safe environment complete with clean-out for our feathered friends. We have included hangtags featuring our green source & product care.

  • 14” Hanging Basket Coco Liner

    Pre-shaped for convenience.
    Fits all standard 35cm (14") metal hanging baskets.
    Made from long lasting coco fibres with latex coating.
    Holds 8 litres of compost (approx.).

  • CrystalClear® Biological Clarifier™

    CrystalClear® Biological Clarifier™ naturally clears water, removes odors and breaks down suspended dead debris and decaying leaves with billions of bacteria colonies and added enzymes. The result is a cleaner pond, healthier fish, improved dissolved oxygen levels and reduced ammonia levels. CrystalClear® Biological Clarifier™ comes in easy to use water soluble packets and can be used in ponds, fountains, bubblers and disappearing waterfall features. Use when water temperatures are above 50°F.

  • Roundup Precision Gel® Weed & Grass Killer

    Are you determined to kill pesky weeds and grasses, but worried about harming nearby plants? Roundup Weed & Grass Killer Precision Gel® attacks weeds, root and all. Plus, this innovative gel easily gets into hard-to-reach areas to kill only what it touches. You'll start seeing results in just hours - precisely where you choose to treat. Use anywhere from flower beds and vegetable gardens, to driveways and fence lines and say goodbye to weeds.

    One stick packs enough pop to kill up to 1000 small annual weeds. Kills the Roots, Guaranteed!*

  • Plastec 10” Hanging Saucer

    This saucer is made especially for hanging baskets. The crystal clear recyclable PET plastic holds excess water without detracting from the basket or pot. Easy to attach and detach for cleaning, these saucers adapt to the most common size pots. The 10” size has 3 hooks. Made in USA.

  • Garden Gate #6 Bluebird Nesting Box

    The perfect birdhouse at the perfect price. Box measures 12.25” x 6.25” x 5”. Hole diameter 1.5”. Drainage hole in bottom, front pivots on screws 3/4” from bottom for easy clean out. 3/4” thick square predator guard box over opening. Cross ventilation vent holes on sides and under slanted roof, which extends over opening and sides. Back extends 1.375” beyond box with 2 additional screw holes .5” from top and .75” from bottom for easy mounting. Netting on inside of front for easy exit by chicks. 

  • Classic Brands Songbird Vintage Feeder

    Model: 28

    Antique bottle and pewter metal basin and top. Top and basin are removable for easy cleaning. Serves thistle/Nyger or mixed seed - use the included thistle ring insert to serve thistle and feed finches only. Holds 1.5 lbs.

  • Perky Pet® Blue Daisy Vase Vintage Waterer for Birds

    Model: 8136-2

    The Perky-Pet bird waterer provides a generous 16-ounce water capacity and features a classic vase-style glass bottle in ocean blue with a luster finish and embossed detailing for added vintage appeal. The waterer’s transparent design allows for checking water levels at a glance, while its all-metal scalloped water tray, complete with a wrap-around perch, offers plenty of room and comfortable resting spots for multiple birds to perch and drink.

  • Songbird Essentials® Bird Guardian® Birdhouse Protector

    Model: SE998

    Designed for all cavity-nesting backyard birds. Resembles a hollowed out log and is constructed of durable plastic.  Keeps eggs and nesting birds out of harms reach.  Fits birdhouse openings from 1" - 1.5".

  • Messina's® Squirrel Stopper Aerosol 

    Model: SQ-U-SC1

    Highly effective to deter deer, rabbits, groundhogs and most other common herbivore pests from low level foraging, entry and nesting. Contains no blood, bone or meat meal, instead using plant extracts to deter animals, giving it a pleasant smell. Effective for 30 days, regardless of weather and watering. 15 oz. can.

  • Pine Tree Farms® Lepetit Mealworm Banquet Cake

    Model: 1445

    Chock full of mealworms, tree nuts, sunflower kernals, and cranberries, your birds are going to love these cakes. How could they not? Fits any large sized suet cage.  7.5oz

  • Enterprises of Garden Gate Wren House

    UPC: 655795200106

    Wren House. Angled bottom.

  • Enterprises of Garden Gate Bluebird Feeder

    UPC: 655795232329

    Bluebird Feeder.

  • Enterprises of Garden Gate Wren House

    UPC: 655795000010

    Wren House. Flat bottom.

  • Audubon Park Mealworm Seed Cake

    UPC: 070187519343

    Attracts Bluebirds, Robins, Orioles, Wrens, Jays, Chickadees, Titmice, and others. For use in large-size hanging basket feeder.

  • Rose Shield Concentrate 8oz

    A great solution for insect and disease problems of roses,
    flowers, landscape plants, trees, shrubs and ground covers. Lasts up to 30 days. Rain proof within 60 minutes. Thiamethoxam is absorbed by the plant, and moves rapidly throughout, killing insects from within. Difenoconazole a contact and systemic fungicide, works from within the plant as well, stopping existing, and preventing new plant diseases.

  • Gothic Pot Trellis

    • For Use In Potted Plants
    • Constructed Of Steel Rods With Cast Iron Finials
    • Powder Coated Finish For Protection and Beauty

  • Happy Frog Tomato and Vegetable Fertilizer 4lb

    Before you can bring a great meal to your table, you need to bring a great meal to your garden. Tomatoes, soft fruits, and veggies require a special nutritional mix to ensure high yields. Our Tomato & Vegetable formula contains premium ingredients like bat guano, kelp meal, alfalfa meal, fish meal and naturally occurring organic material that is formed when organic matter decomposes.

  • Happy Frog All-Purpose Fertilizer 4lb

    Happy Frog® All-Purpose Fertilizer is a ready-to-use blend of natural fertilizers. Some ingredients allow for instantly available nutrition, while others deliver slow-release nitrogen over time. Highly recommended for vegetable gardens, annual and perennial flower gardens, ornamental plantings, and all types of container gardening.

  • Bond Citronella Candle 

    • Creates A Warm Glow While Repelling Mosquitoes and Other Flying Insects
    • Comes In A Galvanized Metal Bucket With Handle
    • 50 Hour Burn Time
    • For Outdoor Use Only

  • Bond Citronella Oil 64oz

     Use To Fill Outdoor Oil Torches To Keep Pesky Mosquitoes Away

  • Bellingham Eco Master® Gloves with Polymer PU Palm

    • Comfortable, hand-hugging 15-gauge polyester and spandex knit liner.
    • Breathable, flexible, textured palm coat is made from eco-friendly water-based polymer polyurethane.
    • Durable palm coat outperforms standard polyurethane coatings 4:1, compares to sandy finish nitrile coatings.
    • 3 assorted colors.
  • Bt Thuricide Spray RTU Qt

    • Can Be Used On Fruits, Vegetables and Ornamentals To Control Worms and Caterpillars
    • Wont Harm Beneficial Insects
    • Controls Caterpillars, Loopers, Cabbageworms, Hornworms, Leaf Folders and Leaf Rollers
    • Approved For Organic Gardening

  • Rose Shield™ RTU Qt.

    Another incredible, goof proof combination Best Available Technology formula from Bonide. Lambda-Cyhalothrin kills bugs on contact and by ingestion. Thiamethoxam is absorbed by the plant, and moves rapidly throughout, killing insects from within.

  • Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent Granular2 5lb

    Homeowners, gardeners, professional landscapers and commercial growers have discovered Liquid Fence® Deer & Rabbit Repellent Granular2 stops deer and rabbit damage.

    Unlike other deer and rabbit repellents that require the animals to browse to be effective, Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent Granular2 works on scent, so deer and rabbits don’t even have to take a bite to be repelled. Because the animals’ natural aversion to this scent will never diminish, Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent Granular2 DOES NOT have to be rotated with other repellent brands.