• Taste of the Wild® Prey™ Limited Ingredient Turkey Formula for Dogs

    Manufacturer: Taste of the Wild Pet Foods

    The diet of the native canine was quite simple, consisting mainly of the prey they hunted. A simple, limited ingredient diet offers many benefits. They can be easier for some dogs to digest and may be ideal for dogs who have experienced sensitivities to certain ingredients. 

  • Taste of the Wild® Prey™ Limited Ingredient Trout Formula for Dogs

    Manufacturer: Taste of the Wild Pet Foods

    We believe everyone deserves to experience the benefits of simple and clean eating. And that includes our pets. Limited ingredient diets may also be easier for some dogs to digest. In this simplified, limited ingredient recipe, spring-fed trout is the first of just four key ingredients. Along with sunflower oil, trout also provides omega fatty acids that help maintain skin and coat health. 

  • Taste of the Wild® Prey™ Limited Ingredient Angus Formula for Dogs

    Manufacturer: Taste of the Wild Pet Foods

    Simplified, limited ingredient diets more closely resemble the diet that nature intended for your pet and may be easier for some dogs to digest. PREY Angus Beef Formula for Dogs features pasture-raised Angus beef as the first of just four key ingredients. Despite having limited ingredients, your dog won’t miss out on flavor or nutrition.

  • Droll Yankees® Big Top Bird Feeder

    Manufacturer: Droll Yankees Model: BTG

    Bigger is better! The Big Top feeder is comprised of a squirrel resistant dome and a large seed bowl. The 3 lb. seed capacity reduces the frequency of refills. Eight adjustable feeder ports on the seed bowl regulate the flow of seed and allow clinging birds to feed. The Big Top Bird Feeder’s 15 In. dome offers weather protection for feeding birds, as well as the option to only allow access to birds up to a certain size to feed. Hangs from the brass rod. Backed by Droll Yankees Lifetime Warranty against Squirrel Damage.

  • Droll Yankees® New Generation 15″ Finch Flocker Feeder

    Manufacturer: Droll Yankees Model: CJTHM15Y

    The Droll Yankees New Generation Finch Flocker features an excellent design. With its durable construction, this feeder will serve the birds in your wildlife habitat faithfully, season after season. And our Finch Flocker Yellow is a sure way to attract the beautiful goldfinches.

  • Perky-Pet® Holly Berry Gilded Chalet Bird Feeder

    Manufacturer: Woodstream Corp Model: 305

    The Perky-Pet® Holly Berry Gilded Chalet Feeder features a circular perch for feeding on all angles. Plastic feeder has a lid with an embossed holly berry pattern. Rustic gold finish is treated with a UV inhibitor to protect it from the sun and prevent fading. Unique twist off base makes cleaning your feeder so easy!

  • More Birds SureFill No Spill Metal Hopper

    3.6 Lb. Capacity. 4 Ports. Durable Squirrel Resistant Metal Hopper. One Touch Opening For Easy Filling.

  • More Birds Metal Moraccan Style Marrakesh Songbird Feeder

    Metal Moraccan Style Marrakesh Songbird Feeder. 2.5 Lb. Seed Capacity. 

  • Homestead Long Stem Scarlet Rose Design Bird Feeder

    Up to 5 lb. feed capacity. Heavy-duty steel construction. Powder-coated, rust resistant finish. 4 Metal perches. Steel cable for hanging.

  • Heath Outdoor Products Suet 'n Seed Owl

    The Suet 'n Seed Owl Bird Feeder is uniquely designed to hold sunflower seed, shelled peanuts, and up to 2 suet cakes. The all-over mesh construction is ideal for clinging birds such as finches, chickadees, nuthatches, woodpeckers, and more. A door on top of the feeder opens for filling seed or peanuts.

  • Stokes Snacks 'N' Treats Mealworm Tube Feeder

    Use to feed dried mealworms, fruit, seed, nuts or suet nuggets. Roof protects food from the weather. Built-on catch tray.

  • Audubon Hopper Feeder with Butterfly Model

    Model: NA32321

    Constructed of durable powder coated steel. Holds up to 4lbs. of seed. Roof lifts for easy filling and cleaning. Removable perches provides access for larger birds. Overhanging roof provides seed protection from inclement weather. Fully assembled, includes a vinyl coated stainless steel cable hanger.

  • Perky-Pet No/No Coffee Pot Mesh Bird Feeder

    Manufacturer: Woodstream Corporation Model: CFE101

    Your backyard birds may not love coffee as much as you do, but they’re sure to love eating delicious black oil sunflower seed from the NO/NO® Coffee Pot Mesh Bird Feeder! This cute coffee pot shaped bird feeder dispenses seed from the entire surface area through unique diamond mesh holes. These holes are small enough to hold the seed securely in place, but large enough that clinging birds can pull individual seeds through to eat.

    The blue powder-coated design will resist rust and be a standout addition to your yard. This feeder can hold up to 2 lb of sunflower seed to attract and feed lots of bird visitors! The all-metal construction resists damage, so you can enjoy this bird feeder for years to come.

  • Mosaic Bird Feeder

    High Quality Powder Coated Finish Is Rust Resistant.
    Holds Up To 5.5Lbs Of Mixed Seed.
    Made Of Heavy Duty, Rust Resistnat Galvanized Steel.
    Continuous Metal Perch Offers Generous Feeding Space For Birds.

  • Giddy-Up Bird Feeder

    Manufacturer: Heath Outdoor Products Model: 21230

    The Giddy-Up Bird Feeder is a decorative tube bird feeder featuring 4 ornate feeding ports with perches. The striking copper-colored finish will catch the sunlight just right in your yard. Offer up to 2 pounds of mixed seed with this feeder. The wide top overhangs the ports to help protect birds from the elements. The top unscrews for refilling and cleaning.

  • Belle Fleur Acron Screen Feeder

    The Acorn Screen Feeder from Belle Fleur features a beautiful acorn design with a large roof that protects seed and twists off easily for quick cleaning and filling. The Acorn Screen Feeder holds approximately 2.6lb of seed and attracts both clinging and perching birds.

  • Woodpecker High Energy Suet and Seed Cake Blend 11oz.

    UPC: 748884060115

    Provides a great source of energy for your backyard friends, and is great to feed year round. Made of rendered beef suet, cracked corn, white millet, peanut pieces, and black oil sunflower seed.

  • Suet Plus Nuts & Berry Suet Cake 11 oz

    UPC: 607899202128

    Candy bar wrapper suet cake for Easy-Open, No-Mess Handling. High quality, melt-resistant ingredients.

  • Perky-Pet Foam Feeder Cleaning Mop

    Manufacturer: Woodstream Corporation

    Designed to maintain your hummingbird feeder. The foam mop does not scratch or damange your feeder when cleaning.

  • Red Nectar DOTS Handheld Feeders 4 Pack

    4-Pack of Red Nectar DOTS and 4-easy to follow instructional cards.  Nectar DOTS are made of a high quality plastic that will last for years.  The bright colored cap and flower helps attract the hummingbirds.  Every DOT has red!  MADE IN THE USA.

  • Tetra Pond Variety Blend Fish Food 1.32lb

    Manufacturer: Spectrum Brands Model: 16454

    Unique blend of koi color enhancers, pond sticks and more.

    Blend includes:
    • Pond Sticks - an ideal, basic diet.
    • Koi Vibrance™ - enhances natural coloration.
    • Wheat Germ Sticks - for health and vitality.

    Feed in spring, summer and fall, when water temperatures are 50°F and above.

  • Perky-Pet Hummingbird Feeder Ant Guard

    Manufacturer: Woodstream Corporation

    This ant guard effectively repels ants from nectar feeders. Easily mount in-line with all hanging feeders (both Oriole & Hummingbird.) Attaches to the feeder with hooks both above and below. Should last one entire season. Uses permethrin-proven safe around birds, pets, and people.

    Made in the USA.

  • Suet Plus Peanut Blend Suet Balls – 4 Pack

    Model: 404

    Extra Peanut Pieces.
    Superior Melt-Resistant Formula.
    1.0 lb. Box of 4 Suet Balls.

  • Perky-Pet Orange Powder Oriole Nectar Concentrate 8oz Bag

    Manufacturer: Woodstream Corporation Model: 293SF

    Easy to use powder concentrate - natural citrus flavor.
    Makes 48 oz of nectar.
    100% sucrose – providing high energy nutrition.
    Simply mix with water – no boiling required.